"If you can write, that's great. If you can tell a story, that's even greater. But if you can work a resilient premise into both, you're worth digging to find."

Friday, May 25, 2018

I Can’t Make This Up by Kevin Hart

Synopsis:  Memoir of an American Celebrity Comedian & Entertainer

Writing Style: Well Structured, Organized & Loquacious 

Pacing: Fast.

Personal Highlights:  The page count of this memoir almost jaded me except, entertainer style, this is one relatable, passionate, inspiring, poignant and genuinely loquacious culmination of life lessons from start to finish. What I'm expressing here is, this memoir was moving in more ways than one!

I was wholly touched by his mom, and brother. I respected the regard he held for his father. Picked up on Eddie Murphy’s advice, and even a few of the lessons Kevin himself picked up on. “Don’t invite them to the conversation.” I liked that. I also liked his attitude, particularly the way he handled that last minute cancellation; unveiling the TV sitcom The Big House.

As far as high entertainment AND funny as YKW; the way he spelled out that incident ‘setting the clock forward on his mom,’ Oh.My.Gosh, my sides hurt I laughed so hard. And his brother’s reaction walking in on the ‘G-string’ sting,’ Gigs up I howled! Liked to stop breathing. And then him and Snoop Dogg, “...I can’t see...” On that one, it was over! I was done! Hahahaha! I agree. Laughter is the sweetest antidote, what makes this memoir unforgettable and an all around mood enhancer for sure. Aspiring entertainers read up. Highly recommended.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Blues For All The Changes by Nikki Giovanni

Synopsis: Slim volume of poems and poetic essays

Writing Style: Discursive, Satirical...and Temperamental

Pacing: Fast.

Personal Highlights: Most enjoyable about this small dated rambling treat was the skill used to create satirical artsy prose. The mockery, riddled through long-winded ambling sentences made this otherwise reflective, often serious commentary on everyday life happenings and conversations effective, and easy to curl up with. My favorites; ‘2 Word Poem,’ ‘Monday,’ ‘Be My Baby’ and (haha) ...’A Real Pisser’ was simply, one word, Hilarious. ‘Iverson’s Posse’ was another prose to treasure, and as well, Truthtelling! All around, this was an impressive treat.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Listen to the Squawking Chicken by Elaine Lui

Synopsis: Memoir of a popular Online Canadian Gossip combing through her relationship with her mother, and her mother’s vociferous beliefs.

Writing Style: Smooth. Delicate. Simply Beautiful.

Pacing: Fast. A True Page-turner.

Personal Highlights: The writing style won me over. I needed to read something powerful, yet easy on the psyche. This story met that need. Not too much. Not too little. From the start to that gorgeous closing I loved the Squawking Chicken, and the skill applied to delivering a view of a woman that reminded me (in spots & Oh Boy)... of me. Read it in a day.

The historical references. The myths and superstitions. The customs. The depth and sheer breadth of storytelling. The tone. The humor. The hypocrisies and the many, many messages, and many more lessons... all of this is neatly, and I politely insert, cleverly melded in unembellished, humble, brilliant writing. I was too tickled about Elaine having to call her mother for her birthday, to thank her mother for giving birth to her. The rationale behind this expectation not only set the tone of this engaging memoir, but indeed bestowed a very interesting premise. Very!

I found myself laughing out loud... a lot too. The dancing child. “You sure?” and the “Red Hooker Head” along with the Feng Shui Blackmail ... Triangle Head... and I fell out laughing at the Homewrecker incident. It’s one thing to be a homewrecker, but to call the wife. OHN!... The Squawking Chicken called that one right...like her view on friendship, although I got Elaine’s point too. What a beautiful marriage of diverse points of views. WoW!