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Friday, July 21, 2017

In My Shoes by Tamara Mellon

Synopsis: Memoir of a fashion entrepreneur co-founding the Jimmy Choo brand.
Writing Style: First person frank.
Pacing: Moderate-Fast.

Personal Highlights: Enjoyable writing and easy reading; the sincerity being so frank that the account read candid to a fault. First off, being a shoe junkie...making frequent trips to South Street (Philadelphia, Pa.) buying designer shoes I was told only me and three or four other people in the world owned, had me falling right in step with ‘the cobbler’ making one-off shoes for his elite clientele. From the outset Mellon’s innovative ‘couture’ fashion ideas and desire to grow the Jimmy Choo brand, figured at odds with Jimmy (the cobbler) Choo’s interest to work in a more exclusive manner with his craft and clientele; what set the tone for events to come.

Most striking were the impressions I tweezed from the business transactions distinguishing the 'mindset' divide between creative products and financial products; what made the overall account, and ending in particular, as engaging. While it was hard reading about Mellon’s many troubles, the energy behind her creative ideas was most inspiring. I especially rooted for that ending...a sentiment that was with me at the start of the story. And gosh!!! How the title so suits and is tailored perfectly for this memoir. Aspiring entrepreneurs really will benefit from reading ‘In My Shoes.’

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