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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

NAKED by Julie Freed

The Good. The pull this account has at the opening is magnetic.  I couldn't close the book after reading that first email.

The Mmeh Okay. Quickly I found the most challenging, and humbling part about reading NAKED is its open NAKEDNESS. What can be said, that is meaningful and not be "expressed" like a "Lookie Lou," about a woman treated as cruelly during a harrowing time by a man who is, or was, very ill?

The Best Part. The premise behind the title is so perfectly fitting. Many thoughts crossed my mind after closing the book. It’s true; a house does not make a home. Julie’s parents were gems, and thank goodness for her sisters and many, many supportive friends. Julie, herself, is remarkable. I was thinking the same thing before coming upon her insight that perhaps Conner should have sowed his oats before settling, or thinking about settling down. I as well applaud her for the “reasoning behind” her later pondering about divorcing Conner. By this account Conner seemed very ill, which brought on the overall observation thinking how much work is needed in the field of mental health. It’s very hard to drop opinions on “functioning” mentally ill individuals, the makings of a humbling experience reading Julie’s naked suffering getting through this insufferable life event.

Congratulations Julie, on winning “the Readers Favorite” book award. An award well earned.

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