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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Letters from Burma by Aung San Suu Kyi

Synopsis: Collection of essay-letters of a political humanitarian’s experiences buttressing the beautiful and ugly faucets of Burmese policy, economics and culture.

Writing Style: Soft, Quiet.

Pacing: Fairly Fast.

Personal Highlights: Wanting to read about a female Nobel Peace Prize winner was in part what drew me to read Aung San’s book of letters. Uncannily enough, the supple indulgent quiet writing stood out. I could sit with a book like this forever. Truly a MUST to experience.

The well sculpted essays... cogent, poignant, and every here and then inviting splashes of humor were easy on the eyes, and yet significant and unforgettable. I personally enjoyed the “festivals”... Adored the artwork... Found the “guest checkers” revealing... Loved the premise behind the dances and celebrations... Respected (in chapters such as ‘repairing the roof”) the many loose parallels... And drank up the plethora of information. “The tea shop sittings” and the exposes on Burmese political parties were finessed and absorbing, deftly analogous to the linear humor behind passages such as the “beautiful and the ugly”. For a book as small, and inviting, there was a lot to take in. From the artwork... the fun... the customs and people... to even the acerbic intervals; the nasty tactics... the blockades... political prisoners... personal and physical attacks... the house arrests, and so forth and so on...were engaging. By far albeit, one of my favorite indentations was mention of the “best indicators of a country developing along the right lines.” Who would guess it? “Healthy mothers giving birth to healthy babies!” This voluptuous book of essays, in all of its symbolisms and allegories for peace and humanitarian work, is enriching and a highly recommended must!

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