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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Soul of a Man 2 by Collection of Authors/Editor Elissa Gabrielle

Synopsis: Collection of short stories sharing glimpses into what has shaped and moved, and inspires the soul of black men.

Writing Style: Fusion of succinct narratives.

Pacing: Fairly Fast.

Personal Highlights: A standout attribute among collections of stories is there is always something for someone. My favorites: K.L. Blevin’s story rocked me. An old adage ‘mama’s baby, papa’s maybe’ brought home and encapsulated the message enfolded. To boot, the way the story was written upped that message. Extremely well done! Adrian Milan’s story was another well-written and truly touching testimony. Just beautiful. Marc Lacy’s decorative moral resounded as well, like Cyrus Webb quoting Shakespeare to deliver yet another relatable message; just as affecting as Ganges’ story from which he sounded on lessons he learned from an experience many can relate. Overall, the spiritual vein threaded through each of the stories created an upbeat momentum, and all around rewarding reading experience. High Five and Big Hand Clap to the Editor as well. Highly recommended.

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