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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Around the World in a Bad Mood!: Confessions of a Flight Attendant by Rene Foss

Synopsis: Memoir of a flight attendant's trials and tribulations flying around the world. 

Writing Style: First person satire; a fusion of short stories and autobiographical essays.

Pacing: Fast.

Personal Highlights: Well! If there is any career better suited for employees who feel like Ms. Foss, I'd vote flight attendants in the upper crust of this fare. In other words, anyone satisfied with ‘lowering their standards’ for minimal service will find loads of humor in this memoir. I related well to the mother’s memory of what ‘once upon a time’ air travel was like. Expectations were high. This was a 'hold your breath upscale and proper' day and time.  Everyone behaved... stewardesses and passengers alike. Amazingly however, it was through the numerous sardonic observations where I realized the bold...and truly shrewd... airline strategy. Poor class pay for coach service. Middle class pay for first class service. And the wealthy fly private jets... or don’t fly at all. Novel.

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