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Thursday, May 11, 2017

My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King

Synopsis: Powerful personal reflections of being a wife to a man regarded as large as the highest prophet, in addition to being a mother, a concert singer and an active peace advocate.

Writing Style: First person polite; genuine.
Pacing: Fast. (read in 2 days)

Personal Highlights: I had a strong inclination this memoir was going to be a powerful recording of history, and it was. There was more direct, genuine information contained in this tome than expected. I enjoyed reading between the lines, nothing designed to delude readers, but more so due to my personal habit of analyzing and absorbing details in fragments. It was innocuous things such as valuing ‘land ownership’, in juxtapose to the historical events of how land was initially acquired in America. Overall, I was immensely drawn to the eminent spirit working in this memoir.

A few favorite spots was Dr. King’s first call to Coretta. So romantic, fun… and funny! …As was Coretta’s first thoughts of Dr. King. The value Dr. King placed on wifedom and motherhood won me over, of course. Loved how my vocabulary expanded some. ‘Discernment” …that’s a word tucked in a decorum notebook for impending use. Loved the quotes too. Mother Pollard’s quote during the infamous bus boycotts was a favored; “It used to be my soul was tired while my feets rested; now my feets tired, while my soul is rested.”

I will admit, a sense of Coretta’s discord in wanting to do more did catch my attention because the image she reflected on people like myself was so large, even before realizing how steeply involved she was in peace and humanity causes. Among many efforts, her 5th child was a tremendous undertaking that really pulled me into all faucets of the tireless work melded into living this experience, and for sure its long standing value to history. There was a lot to absorb and take from this memoir, again, far more than expected. Thank you Drs. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Coretta Scott King. Highly recommended!

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