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Thursday, May 11, 2017

I Chose to Stay by Salome Thomas-EL

Synopsis: Memoir of a teacher who after refusing to give up teaching in an inner city school, gains notoriety for the school, the city and himself through the bond built with his students.

Writing Style: First person genuine.
Pacing: Fast. (read in a day)

Personal Highlights: The young Mr. EL was fortunate to have teachers take an early interest in him to further his education; and beyond blessed to have a mother with the perspicacity to support him in ways not taken for granted. Irrespective of family dynamics, not all parents have the grit to see children who they love, work through the kinds of harassment Mr. EL experienced early on in college. More to the point, adversity creates the drive to perform at the highest levels, what many miss as a critical element of various successes; what appears in this memoir and what I cherished most about reading ‘I Chose to Stay.’

I don’t cry easily, or often, but I cried plenty reading this one. Dr. Leland. Wow. That was beautiful. Sunday Academy. Again, brilliant and beautiful. 'Upset at Knoxville.' Awesome. Family math night. Oh, too precious. What a good laugh. The letter from Quality Inn spoke volumes about the influence and impact Mr. EL had on youngster’s lives. Now, that Parsippany event was a bit of a nail bitter, and not only for the chess tournament. Loved the sweet ending on that one.

Overall, following self-fulfilling prophecies working to the advantage of these young people made the tears flow. A mind indeed is a terrible thing to waste. Children really do FEEL when we really do CARE. Teachers looking for ways to reach children they teach will find tremendous value in reading why, and how Mr. EL chose to stay. Absolutely, highly recommended.

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