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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

At Wit’s End by Erma Bombeck

Synopsis: A memoir of the pearls and perils of wifedom and motherhood.

Writing Style: First person satire.

Pacing: Moderately fast.

Personal Highlights: I know this is a relic memoir, first published 1965, yet the premise is still relevant. “I wonder why the good Lord gave the job of having children to women?” –WoW. & So there it is. Proof? Women blaming God, nature or men, or all, for this inherent station in life? Can this book be credited for how, where, when and why the women’s movement was birthed?

The writing is wonderful. The reflections are quirky, sarcastic, humorous and at times passionately divine. My favorite moments were the stamp collection… the golf game… and I squealed laughing on that part about ‘why the bass weren’t biting’. Men vs women on road trips gave me a good laugh, even if that one, sarcastic as it was, was kind of true. Bombeck’s memoir is definitely worth reading, given how initially I was at my wit’s end reading what started out mounting to the ‘boredom of housewifery,’ all to catch me by surprise culminating in truly redeeming testimonies ...and ending.

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