"If you can write, that's great. If you can tell a story, that's even greater. But if you can work a resilient premise into both, you're worth digging to find."

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

Synopsis: A Historical ‘Tragic’ Romance Novel

Writing Style: Old School Celebrated Literature.

Pacing: Fast.

Premise: Sacrifices of Love.

Personal Highlights: Opened the book thirsty for a story and my thirst was 100% quenched. The writing, no doubt, turned out to be a treat. Entertaining and humorous, despite the underlining lamenting saga.

This story reads like one big juicy piece of gossip. Dialogue rich there are many places to chuckle, if not laugh to tears. What makes this story most treasurable however, was the message in the row "Lige and Sam" were having about which comes first; caution or nature. This argument is exactly what encapsulates the premise of this novel. Janie, who the novel largely centers around, is more or less set up in an arranged marriage… to a man who she describes as reminding her of 'a skull head in the graveyard.' (Chuckle here…) Trying to OMIT spoilers; Janie's first marriage evolved into marriage two, that led to the third marriage and culminated in a staggering ending and goading examination exploring God’s ‘purpose’ for humans. Overall, I really, really enjoyed the novel. A whole lot more than expected. Highly recommended.

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