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Saturday, July 23, 2016

One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd

Synopsis: A Memoir of a Marine Fighter Pilot’s view on Christian faith and belief.

Writing Style: Mix of autobiographical, personal introspection and journalistic biography.

Pacing: Moderate.

Personal Highlights: I loved, Loved, LOVED the first three quarters of this stellar…as in galactic for big…memoir. Jason’s testimonies on family and his family, along with intelligent questions he had about religion and spirituality…questions many still ask…were engaging. The pages easily turned anticipating what he discovered. His military training paralleled nicely leading to this quest. “How bad do you want this,” was a quote that resonated, as was another quote ‘religion being the opiate of the masses and the cause of most world conflicts.’ The answer to that question was simply unparalleled. I as well got ‘the giggles’ on the incident with the alcohol wipes, and nearly fell off the chair on the aftermath of that dentist visit.

And then Jason’s training, and both professional and personal life lessons began coalescing with his early beliefs and views, and truths he began to discover. “Life without a coherent worldview is like riding the helo-debunker,” yet another propitious quote. Actually, most of the selected quotes in this book stand out, though none more powerful than his discovering how everyone, and this meaning E-V-E-R-Y single living soul on earth… whether ‘monotheistic… pantheistic…’ and the domination list goes on…to include atheists, at one point in their life will seek God out. Imagine that. God is so simplistic, yet so powerful that everyone, whether they accept Him or not, know Him. My eyes nearly fell apart coming upon that reflection. We all assume God is powerful...more powerful than anything that is, and still it was almost overwhelming to realize how easy it was overlooking His true force being so simplistic and basic. In fact, my feelings here are now indescribable. I mean, even to denounce God, you have to seek Him out to do so.

Let me put it this way. On that one piece of enlightenment alone, God being a force so powerful that it compels everyone to seek Him out, even to denounce Him, was enough to…as it's said… drop the mic here. Add this insight onto my current understanding of God, on top of how this book was introduced to me, is what propelled ‘One of the Few’ in the regards of an incredible reading experience. Phenomenal!

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