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Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Last Dragon by Taimak

Synopsis: Memoir of Taimak Guarriello who starred in the legendary celebrated film ‘The Last Dragon’.

Writing Style: First person; engaging…

Pacing: Fast.

Premise: Inspiration for aspiring actors and artists

Personal Highlights: The storytelling is most notable; very easy to sink into... throughout, and this includes the advice, what sometimes tend to weigh down stories. But not this book, which completely surprised me!!! Never mind what I thought I was about to read, because I love surprises like this.

There were so, so many memorable parts; Taimak’s mom and dad’s backstory for starters…his growing up living in London and Rome and New York…what motivated his want to study martial arts… the many who inspired him... and countless legends he’s worked with, or shared friendships with…and the one premonition that really hit hardest by the end of the memoir: “if there is a God on earth, that role was written for you.”

The poems add texture, and photos were a bonus. The quotes, particularly Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi’s, were another touching plus. I can go on and on commending on other things that grabbed me, such insight as what the “play” on radio meant, to reading about the history of the Shaw Brothers’ studios, the wrestling gig, the dating, to the wisdom behind what makes some actors more successful on screen; but in short it can’t be emphasized enough how grand the storytelling is. Anyone who has an appreciation for either memoirs or martial arts movies, …or how about loved the film ‘The Last Dragon’ will be in for a special treat. Organized and unpretentious I highly recommend.

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