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Friday, November 20, 2015

The Last Blind Date by Linda Yellin

Synopsis: A memoir on dating, family, marriage and a second chance at true romance.

Writing Style: First person, satire.

Pacing: Fast.

Premise: An intimate examination of a genuine friendship.

Personal Highlights: The short clipped sentences, choppy snarky writing struck me first. I opened the book reading about a troubled marriage…a blind date… and what I initially assumed would amount to long snarky dry dating spells, except turned the page to quickly discover this memoir wasn’t dragging its feet.

This story must be read to appreciate why the ice cream maker gift... "television is for dummies"… slapping the living daylights out of that fly …that interview and ‘I told you so’…the gym buddies…the Sears models… the description of Ollie’s on Broadway Restaurant Fast food service… and then what? …was so hilarious!!!

At some point there was an inclination to find this memoir a little too cynical, yet it was this satire that put the endearing spin on the many outlets that impacted Linda’s marriage... and life. The whole Chicagoan accent/New York attitude was fun to read. The relationship slayers tickled me. Loved the parents…Randy’s sweet touchy parents and Linda’s parents…especially her down-to-earth hoot and a howl mother. The step kids, ex-wife and co-workers perfectly balanced the story. And Randy, whose mellow humor won me over, and Claudia (one of the original relationship slayers) who I simply loved…and loved even more in the end, were the type friends once they become friends, you never lose. Above all it is the writing that makes this story work. Reading this memoir made my day! Lighthearted but real romance all the way around. Simply a must! Highly recommended!

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