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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Losing Our Way by Bob Herbert

Synopsis: A collection of passionate stories and journalism on fragmented conduits troubling America.

Writing Style: Part first/third person narrated digests.

Pacing: Moderate

Premise: An abstract digest for processing what’s not working in America.

Personal Highlights: Most engaging were the stories. The emotional pitch of many stories work especially hard on the heart. The Pittsburgh Opera event fueled by Corbett's deep education budget cuts is a good example; what in fact led me wanting to know Corbett's point-by-point reasons for purportedly trimming the budget down so drastically. Given the steep population drop… due to such reasons as many people no longer being able to afford having children, I wondered if low student enrollment inspired the extreme budget cuts? Most striking about the totality of the 'education' argument however, was the irony of arguing to maintain a system where its very adversaries are by-products of the system at the heart of the debate. Really interesting... as interesting as the case Stiglitz presented for how America lost its way.

Overall the writing is very passionate.

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