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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I’ll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones

Synopsis: An Artist Celebrity Memoir

Writing Style: First person…eye-tangling!

Pacing: Meticulously longwinded

Premise: A sound exploitation of pure Art illuminated by an exceptional artist

Personal Highlights: Being a big fan of raw undiluted art made me a bigger fan of meeting for the very first time Grace’s core “brutal animalistic energy.” Knowing she was on the wild side, but little else made reading her memoir a special treat.

The picture provided of Jamaica and parts of its culture, particularly compared and related to black American culture, and the differences noted between the slave systems was priceless. Many of the phrases splayed throughout her memoir captivated me as well. Often absurd but lyrical writing. Very beautiful. Loved what seemed to be at the core of her essence too; as in her “personal power”, though I was fairly sure meeting her in person, love wouldn’t be one of the top words rumbling around at the head of my thoughts. The acid trip was another eye-opener…very well captured. One of Dr. Leary’s ‘Harvard’ quotes really snagged and resonated with me and gotta give Aunt Sybil some love. Most of all I was simply inundated by Grace's perspectives on the arts and her raw originality. It was tough keeping up with the gargantuan of top artists she’s worked with. Many I never heard of, though lost in that rich sauce I still was like, ‘I’m wit’ cha’ ma’mi!’...crying laughing about her poking that talk show host. Awwwwww……….. Super-duper hilarious.

Overall, it can be challenging working with the complexities of some artists, and reading this memoir did give my eyes a serious whiplash workout, but all that said, the rewards of working with raw talent and artists provide unspoken benefits to the world’s tapestry, both aesthetically and technically. I highly recommend reading I’ll Never Write My Memoirs.

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