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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Plan It by Sharon Lucas

Synopsis: “A resource guide for authors, book clubs and literary event planners”

Writing Style: First person direct, genuine.

Pacing: Enjoyably moderate.

Premise: A guide for understanding event planning from a planner’s experience...highlighting overall benefits for literary communities.

Personal Highlights: First thing I liked was the cover. This is a pretty little pocket book. The content inside is organized, to the point, and includes sample forms, outlines and helpful tips for not only planning literary events, but provides leadership tools for managing social activities such as book clubs.

I liked the examples from previous mistakes included as a guide to prevent repeated faults. I was really inspired by the efforts put in to keeping the book club interesting and readers engaged as well. The secret pals was just one of the many great examples that sounded not only unique, but like a lot of fun. The community outreach activities suggested, along with Sharon’s motivation for staying committed to the book club is truly what seals the overall makings of a commendable resource guide perfect for authors, literary planners, book bloggers and anyone who supports literature.  

On a personal note: I have attended three literary events spearheaded by Sharon and left each event awed and inspired. And trust me. I would not have taken the time to add this note if I hadn’t felt that way. Great job!

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