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Monday, October 12, 2015

Life With No Breaks by Nick Spalding

Synopsis: A memoir of self-introspection and reflections on life.

Writing Style: First person, humorous conversation with readers

Pacing: A Beat up from moderate.

Premise: A mental journey of writing a book in 24 hours.

Personal Highlights: I like how this book grew on me, over time proving to be quite a relaxing read. Yeah, Nick is hung up on this and that but I related to the overall sentiments… the clock-watching, calendar turning reflections, along with that bit on WORK, where perhaps he could have spelled out in two words…slave system, except then this would have left him short a couple thousand words…which he could have made up for in the politics section, despite sharing his views wholeheartedly in the few words imparted. I just wanted to experience more of his humor on the topic…like the gusto he delivered in that writing assignment—funny—and the whole bit on smoking, another topic that tickled me in spots. Loved the summary on his marriage, and as well found that bit on technophobia interesting. How about inconvenience-ophobia? We might be but a keystroke away from ‘back to the stone age.’

It, HOWEVER, wasn’t until roughly 35-thou words into this diverting writing jaunt when I 'unexpectedly' laughed so hard, and for so long that I got to wondering when it was last I read something so hysterical. OH.MY.GOODNESS… Uncle Sid... Noooooo!!! Ensconcing spoilers; unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, this is not something that can be trimmed around the edges recapping. Readers, you’ll have to read that part yourselves. One Word. RADICAL!

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