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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Standard Journey by Jackie Parry

Synopsis: A memoir of 5 horses, 2 people and a quest.

Writing Style: Basic, Emotive first-person narrative.

Pacing: Engaging, moderate.

Premise: An interesting experience on caring for and traveling with rescue horses.

Personal Highlights: Amateur Equestrians will find this journey (and quest) insightful. Jackie made reading about her boys; Neddy, Dom, Stevie, Spirit and Charlie delightful. Right away I selected Dom, if I had to choose which of the boys a jittery person like myself could ride for a quick trot around one stable. He was a sweetie, though as I read on, learning their personalities, I found they all were.

What did I learn? I learned a little about how to walk horses and train them to clear paddocks, walk through creeks… beneath highways… not fear rocks…kangaroos… cars and the likes. I learned a little something about shoeing horses, 'jabbing them'…to give them shots, and signs of a choking horse and how to stop the choking. I learned how they play and how each has its own personality.

The voice Jackie gave ‘her boys’ I simply adored, and aside from the ‘Chardonnay’ who gave me a little chuckle, I fell out laughing about the possible attempted abduction of Stevie...whose previous owner 'incidentally' named him Psycho Stevie. I couldn’t help but wonder what was it that thwarted that possible kidnapping attempt? Too funny!

People like Anne deserve a handclap for her generous support of this journey, and as well and of course, Jackie and hubby Noel for their efforts in rescuing horses.


  1. Thank you. I am thrilled you enjoyed my story.

    1. Hi Jackie! Your story was just what the doctor recommended. Thanks for alerting me to it.