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Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Lobster Chronicles by Linda Greenlaw

Synopsis: A collection of stories about family, community, and the ups and downs of lobster-fishing and chronicling “Life on a very small island.”

Writing Style: First person, very engaging satirical writing.

Pacing: Moderate page-turner.

Premise: To instill respect for the work and history behind lobstering, and the Island (Isle au Haut, Maine) it's married to.

Personal Highlights: What I found thoroughly enjoyable about this memoir was the satire. There were quite a few spots where I not only laughed out loud, but cried laughing out loud. Poor Mr. Holmes, though he did ask for it by poking Linda asking one wrong question too many. Gosh, I cried laughing as she went on and on describing how she lost it. The association meetings were fairly hilarious, as was George and Tommy. Linda’s parents however, were a treat to read. I fell in love with them both, and learned quite a bit about lobsters, lobstering, and the eccentric close-knit islanders that made these chronicles well worth the read. Initially I was ready to pack a bag and head straight up to ‘the Island,’ (loving lobsters the way I do) until midway into the book I mashed down on the brake. Hanging 'off Island' at one of the nearby ‘tourist’ Islands is highly recommended, just as highly recommended as reading this very humorous, touching and passionate memoir.

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