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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bird Dream by Matt Higgins

The Good. The passion in which the adventures of human flight are conveyed was not missed, even if…

the Mmeh Okay part was my initial trying to justify this type of adventure at the extremes in which the jumps begin. The irony is I selected reading this book just for that purpose. To understand what motivates men, and women, who make these jumps. And admittedly too, I wanted to vicariously share in their experiences, except the more I kept reading, the more I started looking for justifications other than siding with "whatever happens, happens."

That's where the Best Part comes in. I learned there are a number of useful purposes resulting from extreme sports of this nature. Air-brake methods... suit designs... and the testing of equipment are potential benefits to science and technology; and too, there is the obvious entertainment value. This was very interesting reading. One thing for sure is any quest or dream I had for giving this sport a try, has since been satisfied, as well as I have to give it to one of the greatest challenges on Earth!

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