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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gift of a Lifetime by Sue Batton Leonard

The Good. The gentle undertones and medicating pacing makes for an easy and soothing read.

The Mmeh Okay. Although I would’ve loved to read more about Fanny’s other “ilk” and “lot in life” the narration was the perfect length for the story told.

…which feeds into The Best Part. Surely the ‘Battoney’s’ were a blessing to Fanny, in as much as Fanny was a blessing to the Batton’s; and as well a memorable gift for me the reader.

I really appreciated the arc of this memoir, Fanny being the centerfold that coalesces and frames the story. The memoirist does a super fine job stressing Fanny’s speech, so remarkable that it tells more about the family and their relationship with each other and Fanny, than what is written. Jan’s futile effort to get Fanny to pronounce her name correctly was humoring and heartwarming, in the same way as how Mrs. Batton handled Fanny hiding the burnt laundry. On the other hand, Fanny’s actions, to include preferring to eat in the kitchen, are well-known historical means of survival in black communities.

Humorous, warm, inspirational, insightful; and tear-jerking in conclusion I highly recommend reading "Gift of a Lifetime!"

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