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Friday, March 21, 2014

Not The Mother I Remember by Amber Lea Starfire

The Good. I read a lot of memoirs, but this mother/daughter interweaving of perspectives is, without doubt, one of the most satisfying I’ve ever read.

The Mmeh Okay. Initially, like Linda/Amber, I questioned how a mother could justify making some of the choices she made for her family, though that doubt was short-lived.

The Best Part. On top of Jackie’s admirable perspectives shared through letters to her daughter, my doubts started bending and curling and wilting after each letter. Jackie’s drive and spirit was immense, but just not as big as her humility. This mother, and woman, wholly won me over.

Linda’s recall and feelings about living with a mother as tough, packed an extra powerful punch too, and not without mention, her succinctly pulling together this openly vulnerable account. The Planned Parenthood visits explained as both a mother and daughter, was one example, though there were others… such as that phrase that got beneath Linda's skin... the 'it all comes out with the wash,’ the overriding phrase that happens to so elegantly frame this intense family relationship.

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