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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cleveland's Gospel Music (OH) (Black America) by Frederick Burton

The Good. The layout of this photo journal is to be appreciated for its candid capturing of such a time. From the paper stock chosen, to the artless descriptions of each photo, gave the book an overall rich authentic feel.

The Mmeh…Okay. Loving memoirs the way I do, I really wanted to read ‘their’ stories. Their individual stories, or at least the group’s stories that went more in-depth conveying the inside pictures of their music highlights.

The Best Part! The photo journal itself is Stunning! It depicts the emergence of gospel music in Cleveland from the early 1900's through "resurgent" years. "These groups didn't sing for money or fame." These groups sang.

Beautiful black men and women, crisply dressed, cool, dignified, striking faces...some smiling, others dedicated in poise, radiates off the thick glossy pages. Loved the names too; The Humble Gospel Singers, The Voices of Love Quartet, The Deep River Songbirds, The Modernairs... this journal is a traveling treasure of time, full of visual passion. I loved it!

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