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Friday, August 9, 2013

I Shall Not Want by Terri Lyons

The spiritual overtones in ‘I Shall Not Want’ I really took to heart, though make no mistake about it, spending precious moments with Terri, praying for her and drawing from her strength as she handled staying by her parent’s side as they transitioned, six months apart, was hard to read. Evocatively beautiful in its resilience to evoke emotion, I was empowered and uplifted, although questioned if it was the author’s job to do this, by the given circumstances? As a writer, this is a very hard thing to do… balancing our personal trials and tribulations with passionate enlightenment.

As an extra note, I loved me some Hazel (Terri’s mother). She had a poignant raw edge with the way she used her tongue. Terri did a super fine job writing her, though too, I doubt she could’ve done much to mishandle Hazel’s voice.

Simply beautiful. Highly recommended.

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