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Sunday, June 9, 2013

SitRep Negative: A Year In Vietnam by G. J. Lau

Skillfully told, the writing is appreciatively comprehensive--detailed, organized, generously genuine, humorous in spots, and most interesting, this was a dimension of war I don't read often.

Two things stood out. 1) The Vietnam War, actually like all of the wars, was a very different war for one sliver Lau pointed out. He mentioned the reality of that war... something like watching the Wizard of Oz, and then stepping behind the screen to face another world--a raw world that messes with your reality...which ironically brought me to 2) Lau's mention of how many others saw returning soldiers... "either hated us or misunderstood us" when the reality might be that others do understand, but refer to the underpinnings of their raw truths by other terms.

A powerfully significant event I highly recommend reading.

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