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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Don't Block the Blessings by Patti LaBelle

Surely Patti's memoir will qualify among my top ten reading selections this year! I couldn't get past the first chapter before knowing I was hardly going to be disappointed.

From a `painfully shy' girl, to `hang onto to your hat... don't mess with Patti', I must've experienced every range of emotion on an emotive scale there is getting to the end of this highly uplifting inspiration!

By the middle of the book I had to start taking notes. Some things I just didn't want to miss noting, such as on page 131 when I liked to have passed out. "Patti, you didn't know?" "Know what, Reggie?" ---and like I said, I nearly passed out!
Loved all the colloquialisms too; "put me under...twice," (referring to giving birth), in which except for that one, many of them old sayings I've heard before, although this is what brings Patti's voice... or should I say character, clear off the page.

There was just too much to love; from that first audition in the school gym... to the `Call of the Wild' perfume... to storming out of a rehearsal to get chased right back into the rehearsal by a blistering cold (hilarious!)... to managing life (being a sister, daughter, mother and wife, and the family and close friends illnesses and deaths, managing a career and the many nuances that come along with that territory...none more so than all of the run-ins with other celebs)... all of which shows up in that great big singing voice of hers, (and that's both literally and figuratively), that touch so many. You Are My Friend is one of my favorites, so it was an added treat hearing how that song came to be.

What else can I add, except that if you haven't already, then I highly recommend reading "Don't Block the Blessings."

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