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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hong Konged by Paul Hanstedt

This is a book I highly recommend. It is delightful, humorous, brilliant, genuine, and leaving nothing to chance, truly entertaining writing. Now I want to take this even a step further by adding Paul could very well be my long lost twin, but sense that could be pushing things. Yet, the point here is, the stories inside really resonated with me.

Many chapters were my favorites, but those I paused to note were 'A Day at the B*tch, B*tch, B*tch...' (...And I assume Beach was swapped out for the latter string of words). But, oh, how vivid…both the stares I imagined Paul and Ellen received having to reprimand their children in public, and as well the chuckle I enjoyed with Paul by the end of this beach trip. Too funny.

I Want a Wife I noted as well. None too surprising, just as I was assessing what strengthened this marriage, right there on page 132 Paul got to summing up just what I was thinking. A give and take partnership is what made this relationship work. Other chapters that resonated; the wonton soup incident... and not for the simplicity of the tale getting a little boy to eat soup that really wasn't that hot, but for the way the story is doted on, clarifying the dexterity of these noodles, and the exchange between he and his wife, the staring family, and taking the script all the way to an ending I found as humorous as it was endearing.

 I found the friend's analogy on helping Paul and Ellen settle Will and Lucy in school also inspiring. Very inspiring in fact. And there is more… much more, such as the bullying incident(s), the birthday party, the Jade Chapter, along with the sights and sounds, the historical takes, the cultural perspectives (tastefully and respectfully enmeshed throughout the book); and if this is too much, then I must not omit the illustration of Hong Kong's rich tapestry, and plenty of photos to substantiate it all. 

I could go on and on describing these vividly wonderful chunks of stories rapt inside one superbly pleasing book—but to wrap things up nicely, this is one of the best books I've read this year!

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