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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Benefit of the Doubt by Myra A. Dorsey

Adding another great read to my Keeper Shelf...

Myra's story is a story that will speak to many, particularly anyone who's ever mislaid their trust giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Great pacing. Straightforward dialogue... nothing embellished, as well as the story moves at this awesome clip, passionately relaying the experience of an accomplished woman who deep down inside wants to find a man to settle down with... something like the relationship her parents shared.

But the thing is... Kendall is tough, has principles, and demanding in a way that's generally reserved for handling small children, not a grown adult; evidenced by the trial she's about to face, knowing little about how to help a full grown, able-bodied, and not without mention, attractive man.

I really enjoyed her relationship with her best friend, Lola. I also really felt for Kendall. To be so tough on the outside, but deep down inside have a heart that could melt butter, laid heavy on my own heart. This is a book that must be experienced. The compassion alone, outside of the great pacing and dialogue, and story itself, made it very hard to put it down.

I highly recommend this moving account for anyone thinking about dating, already dating, or involved in any capacity with trying to help someone.

Splendid Job!

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