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Sunday, May 16, 2010

I Ain't Lying..., April 2010

Maybe You Never Cry Again by Pablo F. Fenjves

...I couldn't put the book down!!! Anyone looking for pearls of wisdom, and I mean there are some rugged blue mother oysters of wisdom in this one, but 'Maybe You Never Cry Again' will give it to you straighter and realer than a stand-up routine of any length could ever tell.

A well put-together memoir from start to finish. The reading is not only rare and raw, but comes from a man with a heart as tender as it was big. The wisdom doesn't lay flat, but rather stands up to the telling of a persuasive entertainer. Told in crisp, jaunting, Bernie Mac fashion it's all in here; the values Bernie placed on becoming a man (stemming from his grandparents, his mother, and even his brother), his marriage & marriage, friends & friendships, his daughter & raising children, and how perspicaciously he modeled these values to steer his career. There is so much in here, and the book at approximately 300 pages is filled with pictures as well.
Overall the pacing is smooth and in quite a few spots especially touching. The comedy (true to Bernie Mac form) is fiercely honest, which includes many clips of his performances... some well-known, others less known. And the narration is unfailingly, over the top, all around inspirational. My gosh, can't nothing be more powerful than a man who values family!

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