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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Born Standing Up by Steve Martin

Synopsis: A historical glimpse of the comedic industry through Steve Martin’s rise to infamy.

Writing Style: First person humbling.

Pacing: Moderate, engaging.

Premise: An education for fans, aspiring entertainers, artists, and reading public in general to understand the many fragments to gaining comedic notoriety.

Personal Highlights: The first thing that hit me was Martin’s sautéed humor. His memoir reads just like what I remembered of the movie Father of the Bride, an all-time endearing favorite by the way. Having seen the movie made it very easy to appreciate the humor.

Other favorites were Martin looking back on a ‘musty video of an appearance he did on the Virginia Graham show’ and being depressed for a week afterwards. I’m sorry, but I think I can identify. Looking back that had to be funny.

Above all I really liked the teachings on comedy techniques. Didn’t realize the depth of the science that goes into many of the timing techniques. I as well was titillated by how young stand-up comedy really is. The plentiful humorous phrases and expressions were an additional plus; the helmet hair… the mention of artistic generosity…the matronly teacher who was probably 22-years old… and the photos! …especially that one photo where a mysterious woman appeared. Like how does a mysterious woman get 'that visible' in a picture and not be known... or noticed until after-the-fact for that matter!?! Of course this is something readers must see. Hilarious!

I loved this book.

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