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Saturday, November 11, 2017

Crazy Rich by Jerry Oppenheimer

Synopsis: A tabloid biographical sketch of Johnson & Johnson heirs. 

Writing Style: Satirical journalism  

Pacing: Moderately fast 

Personal Highlights: Expecting to dive into dalliances going on inside the Johnson & Johnson corporation is how this story...a fusion of interviews, other books referenced, tabloid headlines, newspaper articles and such... quite honestly, caught me by surprise. In a way, finding more about personal discords befallen the family wasn’t entirely fruitless because 1) ...the tabloid perspectives kept the pages turning. 2) the diversity of family dynamics and cacophonies confirmed my belief that families up and down the economic scale face similar challenges. And most rewarding (as far as this reading) was 3), the historical corporate references buttressed my respect for pioneering dynasties. In the case of the latter, whether it was the intention, I ended up growing a larger respect for Johnson & Johnson, particularly in its long-standing emphasis on producing quality products, to include the company’s general ethos... “the consumer comes first.” Quite interesting.

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