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Thursday, April 28, 2016

90 Minutes in Heaven by Don Piper

Synopsis: The story of a man who was pronounced dead, for 90 minutes, returning back to life.

Writing Style: Genuine, Engaging

Pacing: Fast

Premise: A deep look into spirituality and belief.

Personal Highlights: This memoir grabbed me at page one. The opening was surreal. 'His cup over-runneth and I drank every sip,' reeled in by the fact that Don was a minister. While I have heard ministers admit they do not have the answers to every question about spirituality, I am among the laypersons (on the matter of spirituality) who believe salvation is one of the very basic concepts every minister has fully grasped. And not that they all have, but we believe they all have; the cornerstone of what made this memoir engaging.

Here is a man who has ministered to many prior to the accident walking in the proverbial shoes of those who may not have experienced the acute physical pain he experienced, yet are buckling to a spiritual or mental crisis just as great, or greater. Don's living testimony in this respect won me over wholly, which the thing is, reading the testimony in full book length I believe is what added to its impact.

But this story has impacted others… such as the woman who called the talk show… young Walter… and Charles to name a few of the many. Another part I just loved was the exchange with Jay about Don’s accepting help. That was beautiful…and humorous too. I simply loved this book. Talk about the power of music, this story hit a high note that will stay with me forever. Highly recommended.

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