"If you can write, that's great. If you can tell a story, that's even greater. But if you can work a resilient premise into both, you're worth digging to find."

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

On Call in Hell by CDR. Richard Jadick

Synopsis: ‘A doctor’s Iraq war story.’

Writing Style: Genuine, Engaging.

Pacing: Fast.

Premise: ‘A snapshot’ of the realities of combat.

Personal Highlights: There is much to respect about CDR. Jadick’s calling to practice medicine…from the moment he realized his calling, to his commitment to enhance the survival prospects for wounded soldiers. In general war stories are challenging to read, however Jadick’s genuine writing voice and passion for service made the reading easier. The appropriate balances of humor… Joe Langholtz with the feet up on his desk… the ‘real gumshoe stuff’ leading to the big ‘ole meetings in Washington… and that ‘...let me funkify things for ya’… were doses of humor that meshed well with providing a sobering picture of what he encountered On Call in Hell.

One of the most poignant moments for me was reading what kept the morale going during the few breaks in hell. *Storytelling.* That one took my breath away for a moment. Highly recommended reading, particularly for men and women contemplating a military career.

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