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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Bridge Between: Northern Italy Come Hell or High Water by Velia Pola

Synopsis: A passionate family travel memoir centered around aging parents taking a very scenic tour of Italy.

Writing Style: Engaging first person.

Pacing: Welcoming leisurely paced repetitive writing.

Premise: A homage of family and heritage.

Personal Highlights: I simply adored the way the slow repetitive paced writing actually made the story work. It was easy to fall in love with Velia’s parents’ very endearing relationship.

One of my favorite parts (gratefully things turned out okay) was Velia catching her mother in the ‘scissors’ maneuver on the deck. The chime of San Marco’s bells was another tender spot. And the description of Italy, and Anna to go along with it, gets my standing ovation!

I empathized with Carlo when he cried upon reaching Finale Emilia, Italy. Severed umbilical cords and relocating aside, the innate magnetic pull connecting with our origins can be powerful. Good for Carlo and Peggy’s insatiable appetite to get out and explore the world. Definitely a thoroughly enjoyable story!

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