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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Education of Value Investor by Guy Spier

The Good. I like the telling of Spier’s experiences right away. He’s to the point. Personable. Sincere. And effective.

The Mmeh Okay. It didn’t take long to see a picture emerge that although many ignore, or take for granted, and then too, openly discount, is none-the-less fairly common knowledge, particularly for adult students who’ve ever returned to school at the university level after spending a decade or more working in corporate.

The Best Part. I'm thinking "time-tested wisdom"; which is exactly what makes the insight imparted timely and useful. Young investors, and especially young people pursuing business disciplines will benefit greatly from reading this book. I, myself, really appreciated coming by that "one secret" shared, in addition to being flattered by the 'distinct' personality traits (and habits) of successful investors.

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