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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Race and the University by George Henderson

The Good are the citations upon citations of racial incidents, student perspectives, and ‘rebel’ philosophies elegantly conjoined and scholarly threaded through this historical inspection of the overall quality of education at the University of Oklahoma in particular, but education for all of society in general. This autobiography certainly is a great resource for reference.

The Mmeh Okay for me was being ‘distracted’ by the many perspectives and the time it took to wheedle through them all to reach Dr. Henderson’s summation on his experience.

And still, I highly regard and respect this work, as the Best Part are the punctilious challenges Henderson takes on from many fa├žades (inclusive of, but not exclusively: students, faculty, leaders, rebels and their philosophies, his bridled anger and personal experiences and perspectives) to reveal a courageously impeccable researched understanding of barriers hindering reconciliation between races.

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