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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Etched in My Memory by Sol Tetelbaum

The Good was the overall account and its organized, timely delivery. Sol’s struggle for human rights… to receive an equitable education, his research and work and travels within Socialist countries, his priorities on family and encounters with peers, demigods, and adversaries alike, cogently mesh with the concepts he reveals of Soviet governance during his trials and tribulations.

The Mmeh Okay were the concepts revealed of Soviet governance so much resembling a basic means of everywhere in the world. It may seem like a woolgathering abstracted misnomer to deduce “everywhere”, but it would be quite enlightening to learn of one country where not one group, of any color, religion, nationality, or persuasion is not ‘systematically’ discriminated against by similar conduits. This is not to infer that this should be expected, or acceptable. It's just that while names and locations may be unfamiliar, the premise of the accounts are not.

The Best Part more so, was being fascinated by Sol’s ability to self-teach himself, in geothermal energy disciplines of all fields, and not be brainwashed while conjointly processing and memorizing such studies as the Marxist-Leninist philosophies, just to pass exams. The many quotes was another treat; “If you are the boss, then I am a fool” or “If I am the boss, you are a fool,” and as well the humor Sol managed to press between his hardships gives me great cause to applaud this highly-regarded, well-written memoir.

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