"If you can write, that's great. If you can tell a story, that's even greater. But if you can work a resilient premise into both, you're worth digging to find."

Monday, August 4, 2014

No Alligator in Sight by Kirsten B. Feldman

The Good. As difficult as the narrative was, it was a relief that someone like the step-father Orlando hadn’t written a story about his childhood. If I have to read a tale about child neglect, after coming by so many variations of them, I’d much rather read a subtle tale like No Alligator in Sight.

The Mmeh Okay. Written in first person the story reads more memoirish than novelish.

And still, the Best Part was the brassy sarcasm written in an obstinate, but light on the heart 13-year old voice. One of the arcs of an otherwise difficult tale I also liked, was the bond Let, or Annie, shared with her brother, and the numerous supportive characters that helped make life for her and her brother a little more bearable.

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