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Monday, July 28, 2014

Doing Germany by Agnieszka Paletta

The Good. The writing is high-quality...& let me slip in here...HILARIOUS... wit, and it continues from page to page. I mean, not a single page is missed, making for a delightful page-turning event.

The Mmeh Okay. The book is under 200 pages! I wanted to read Agnieszka for a lot longer.

The Best Part. Fantastic, from beginning to end, there is a lot to romance reading how an engaging young woman found her prince and fell in love with “doing Germany.”

It really made me nostalgic thinking back on all I’d forgotten about this country! Naturally I didn’t want to miss anything…which for starters, you have to see the way Agnieszka sees, and then loosely ascribe these associations through a satirical lens, reading a natural speaking voice using an all upbeat approach. Ever heard of Torontonian mentality?

Gosh, from the way she met her prince and that marriage proposal…sigh…so romantic… to the German’s love of exercising (sidesplitting observation)… about as laugh out loud funny as snapping the photo of a toilet seat (another place, not Germany)…to her father meeting her prince… her brother and his bachelor pad… the friend-socials (the consultants living in the hotel…haha)… to the part about German sleeping arrangements… or rather how the beds are built with that split down the middle. Just too much to love about this memoir, which on the latter, there also is as much insight to be gleaned from a societal and historical perspective, as there was humor to be devoured. Highly recommended!


  1. Sounds like a great read. Will definitely put this one of my to-read list!

  2. It really is, particularly given how I don't easily fall for romance...