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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Didn’t Ask To Be Born: But I’m Glad I Was by Bill Cosby

The Good. What a truly heartwarming and entertaining book. The writing voice sounds identical to Cos’s stage voice… complete with the repetitiveness and ‘healthy’ doses of original humor.

The Mmeh Okay. Although Dr. Cosby was well before my time, he wasn’t so far ahead of me that I don’t recall the stigmas of being associated with ‘crazy’ and the importance of raising disciplined human beings. Back-in-the-day corporal punishment was the law of the land… instilling fear to command obedience, in a similar respect as the fear yielded to God.

The Best Part. So, of course I cried laughing about Peanut, and fell out the chair reading ‘The Missing Pages,’ along with the Erectile Dysfunction chapter… reeling in the laughter roundabout the ‘Children Aren’t Your Friends’ chapter.

Ut oh…Say what? & Parents beware. Raising productive children and enjoying healthy, satisfying relationships with your children when they are adults only requires the ability to get that mutual respect going… and in 'precise' increments. ‘Being friends with your children’ has little to do with raising productive people, the one section where I suspected missing pages! Parents on all ends of ‘parenting models’ succeed… and fail at parenting, to a range of degrees.

But then that was just it… THE BEST PART!!! As I read this very engaging memoir to the end, *Cabbage Patch another one of my favorites* it became quite apparent that I wasn’t supposed to be reading Cos’s familiar lessons on people and parenting styles literally. I was supposed to be reading for fun and enjoyment… all of what ‘I Didn’t Ask to be Born’ promises... To the Last Word. I loved this book!

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