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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Until Next Time...: The Blogging Adventures of a Broken Housewife (and Mom) by JJ Ellis

The Good. The innocent sincerity, or the candid glimpse inside a mom who loves being a mom. Like any job, being a mom comes with its share of trials and tribulations too, yet I enjoyed the way the author assesses the chores, and tackles them alongside noting how she loves what she does… and wouldn’t trade the job for any other in the world.

The Mmeh Okay. There’s the repetition, and the run-along sentences, but then too, it’s just another example of how much this Mom loves the job of being a Mom.

The Best Part. All the reminders that are easily forgotten once the kids are grown and years have flown by; such small things as coping with temper tantrums. It’s true… it’s so easy to forget those days, seeing other kids out in public ‘acting out’ as terrible, forgetting what it was like when we had kids who were having ‘an episode’. The patience required… being flexible, often creative brought back plenty memories after it was all said and done; the kids all now assertively planted behind the college caps, and gowns and robes. Truth be pointed out, when I really thought about the task of motherhood, thanks to these awesome reminders, it became obvious that ‘someone has to do the job, and full-time’, whether it be a paid daycare-provider, a paid nanny, a paid teen-age babysitter, or the MOM paying it forward loving what I see as one of the most important jobs in the world! – Great Job.

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