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Saturday, January 12, 2013

How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston

I really enjoyed this book, even at the small expense of finding it a little difficult to describe my reading experience.  The way the realism was enmeshed with the satire didn't allow my philosophical endorphins to act up, swelling to the point that would've made this review drastically theoretical.  Instead, I'm left to spoon over how humorous I found 'How to Be Black'; calling attention to topics many might find more serious, than humorous.

The swimming lessons, the chapter on 'How to Be The Black Employee'; particularly the company photo and that dancing skit, along with the chapters on 'How to Be The Angry Negro' and the next black president were the funniest. That and the general way in which he writes― inserting distractions in so many places that it effectively diverted my attention away from his, and everyone else's arguments, made this one a winner. Well wait... because there was one absolute valedictorian. Thurston's mother! 

What a cleverly entertaining and quite effective way at rousing readers to see beyond what meets the eye. 

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