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Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No by Tracy Engelbrecht

Some life events are pretty much universal... falling in love, getting married... and becoming a teenage mom.  It happens all the time, except what sets apart each event is when you have a writer voice something like Tracy's.

And still, as distinctive as Tracy's voice was, it took getting past the pregnancy test before her voice grew on me.  I related very well to many, if not all of her experiences... the moods, grown-ups who encounter young girls in this 'situation', and other 'condiments' that generally come with the territory in such a 'situation.'  The reaction of her younger sister when the announcement was first made, I likewise found really moving.

To this end, her parents, especially her mother, not only handled 'the situation' well, but it had to be the largest blessing for Tracy and little Steven to have parents (and grandparents) support them like this. Come to think on it, I should include some of the extended family as well.  My only distraction was a (seemingly) misplaced anger that I tried to attribute to the pregnancy, knowing how often this life event (wildly) scrambles the hormones, and that's for women of any age…before, during, and after childbirth. It also could have been immaturity, or being a little spoiled maybe, except I was never quite sure.

That said, I really enjoyed the witty sarcasm. It's what made this story none-the-less very engaging. From Ms. H, to the Catholic nun (in the hospital), to Auntie Cruella, to that receptionist job, and many, many other spots, I really enjoyed how Tracy handled herself, this story, and the best part... her embracing motherhood the way she did. Great job.  

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