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Monday, August 9, 2010

Keepin' it Real Inspirational

Life is Not a Fairy Tale
by Fantasia

Having never seen one American Idol episode, though I've heard of Fantasia, is what made her memoir a pleasure to read, particularly the section on how she came to American Idol, and how she sang her way into the number one spot. Good God this section carries a spiritual note, like nothing I've ever read.

The grandmother, and her mother, the friend Tory, and without doubt, her brother I applaud. And thinking back on that `defying moment', I applaud her father too. The inclusion of Clive Davis (in the Top 3 competition) ...man... I got a little choked up there. Really touching. The advice however, (for me) weighed down the memoir some. No doubt Fantasia kept it real, although being as young, she has at least five - six times of living and experiencing to revise her position on the apologizing, having regrets, and believing she made so many mistakes. Simply put, the divine energy that musicians project, none more so than a voice that becomes an American Idol, had to go through some things to come out over the top.

Keepin' it real, and short, I'm convinced I've now got to go sync up some Fantasia inspirational mood music!

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