"If you can write, that's great. If you can tell a story, that's even greater. But if you can work a resilient premise into both, you're worth digging to find."

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Book Review Intermission

Although I've devoured every book reviewed, particularly those on Amazon, when I close my eyes and think back, these are the books that have rocked my core. They have shifted my center and applied another dimension to the world I see…

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings… and man-o-man do I ever!

"typically when I first started visiting the library I avoided venturing by shelves where I readily assumed I would be doing more crying than reading. I can't recall how this book found its way in my hands back in those days, but it was the first book towards a long journey home."

Who Moved My Cheese… changed the dynamics (for me) of what making choices are all about.

"this book literally shook me from my comfort zone and said (rather urgently), "You better get to moving!" Think I've been scurrying ever since, which has to be far better than sitting around hoping, waiting, and blaming."

The Diary of Anne Frank… meets at the intersection of serene and surreal.

"I am still amazed by her voice and her presence of mind at this age. I kept imaging myself in her place, after all she was my age at the time I was reading her diary, and couldn't get beyond how the things she noticed, and wrote about, and privately mused about would have been the same things I would have wrote about. It was as if I was talking to myself. One of the few books I've read several times. Absolutely surreal."

Life is So Good… wisdom acoming in its finest hour.

"It really doesn't get any better than this. To be blessed with the power of peace in such turbulent times, relaying it like a stroll through the park is where the keenest wisdom can be found! I treasure my ancestors embodying this gift for imparting a piece of history in a way that I can hear it before reacting. And I just loved the co-author. He captured Mr. Dawson's voice with meticulous care."

From Beirut to Jerusalem… what a peel back eye-opener!

"I must have a thing for journalists, and this journalist in particular. The skill he uses in relaying a very complicated picture... I mean I could not keep up with the enormity of militias and other conflicts... but he shows a very clear picture of Middle East culture seamlessly, and without prejudice. Phenomenal!"  


  1. Great books, "Anne", defiantly changed the way I saw the world when I first read it as a teenager. I tried reading it again as an adult but I suppose because I know so much more about the world now it was so scary to me. So scary to think about my own child living and writing something like her diary. I had to stop.

    Maya Angelou, great writer! love her books. I love listening to her voice in interviews, there's something so compelling about it. (I want her to read to me.)

  2. Anne, thanks for this comment. I reread Anne's diary not long ago and had a different reaction from earlier readings too. This one has to be tough for a parent.

    And Maya's words I so do agree with you... and come to think of it recall listening to her on audiotape. Her voice is as tremendous as her words.

    lol (I want her to read to me.)... I like that