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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

There Was Such A Time.

Pieces from Life's Crazy Quilt 

by Marvin V. Arnett

This memoir reminds me of stories my great grandmother used to share. The only difference is Marvin's account has been preserved.

In a delicate voice, almost too soothing at first, before I knew it, it had swept me inside a community of mores that today is but a shell of a distant memory.

There were the beverage of terms and terminologies to court. The camaraderie (and sometimes open acrimony) between (new) neighbors was stirring, as were the church and its followings. A female pastor in that time, I must admit, surprised me. And I truly was impressed by the way Marvin drew out the events surrounding little Ronnie and the resulting closure. Absolutely beautiful. There were many favorite spots to stop and muse on, but one that comes right to mind was the `chicken leg fracas', as I so applauded Mr. Sprague's viewpoints throughout! There is so much in here to appreciate that all of this and more surpasses priceless information, and assuredly is far from `crazy' quilting. Far, far, from it.

Upon reaching the epilogue (bottom paragraphs), had me asking (along with the title) if the author, or editor, were aware of the numerous historical writings where chunks of time about cultures/peoples are omitted, simply stated as "not much is known because records weren't kept or written."

What I am saying here is I am a true believer. I believe this work is priceless, one to serve history of a such a time. I'm quite pleased to have come across one more in print. An inspiringly beautiful memoir!

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